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ay look who's back bb

I fell in love. Once upon a time.

You are my hero.
Also shoutout to Zahary on the SAX!

Heard this on the NG radio. Really like it.

Great example of new wave! Keep at it!

Omg the drums at 1:26. Really enjoyed the peace despite is subtlety.

It's funny but seriously, who downloads this shit?

TheBetterAudioPortal responds:

I have no idea.

Feels like some kind of classical techno. I really like the style!

Im4Hero responds:

I glad to know that you like the style! I'm already working on another one. ^_^

Only thing i could possibly complain about is that the 'hits' can be a little rough on headphone users. Besides that, this piece is wonderful and really sets the mood it is trying to give. Great example of ambiance done well.

Eagleon responds:

Thank you :) Do you mean the rhythm in the static? I tried to make it soft, on the level of the surf - I use headphones myself. I think maybe white noise is just difficult to tame across different equipment.

Choice of synths is interesting yet unfitting at times. And I hate the bell that is panned to left, it honestly just made things worse. (Especially when it is out of key around :24)
The synth introduced 48-1:18 is really good but suffers from the reintroduction of the synth panned to left at 1:10 and the bell at 1:18 brings the mix down more. The effect at 1:25 leads into the best part of the song imo. (1:25-1:50) Where that reintroduced synth was given a new pattern! The underlying base at 1:51 had potential but the notes chosen are undesirable. Transition at 2:18 is really good. The synth after was enjoyable but needed something else along with it. (And not that bell, i'm sorry i just hate that bell) Ending was neat but should cut off earlier. (Not a big deal)
Percussion was pretty solid for this type of song all the way through.
Keep at it man!

IndustryStandard responds:

Damn that's a lot of notes! That's a good thing though haha, This is a pretty old one of mine, from back when i first started using Reason and making synth music in general, but i feel like it has the potential to be something pretty cool. The synth bell was kind of just me playing around with different ideas, and while it doesn't bother me, per se(at least not as much as it seems to bother you) I would agree that it does seem unnecessary and it kind of clutters the song, so I'll find something to do about that. Reason is, for whatever reason, causing my computer to crash randomly when I'm running it so i won't be able to do anything any time soon, but once my shit quits breaking on me I'm gonna reopen this song and see what i can do about some of the issues you brought up. Thanks for the review!

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