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2017-01-01 21:35:34 by poinl

Here's a preview of the game i'm working on with WCG.

Hope to see it on newgrounds in the future. There's still a long way to go.



2016-12-17 03:10:43 by poinl


Newly Scouted artists.

2016-12-14 04:49:06 by poinl

Gonna list users I scout from now on. Be sure to give their tracks a listen.

12/14/2016 - @BAKDRAFF

12/23/2016 - @herbrek



Hello Newgrounds

2016-06-24 01:36:12 by poinl

How are you?


2016-02-13 02:43:38 by poinl


Holy technology

2016-01-16 04:15:57 by poinl

So this is a thing now


2015-08-04 10:54:48 by poinl


Domino matrix

2015-08-02 08:52:12 by poinl

Today is falling in clicks.

Shoutout to some old audio

2015-07-22 00:16:47 by poinl

Some of my favorite songs have been forever removed from newgrounds but I know their submission codes.

464578_Pacemaker__Bose_Master - @SUB4RU now @beefourmusic

464931_Insomnia___Mr_FijiWiji__Re -  @SUB4RU now @beefourmusic

Reserved - My favorite song to which i will never get to see again. It was removed from this site but it was on my now dead computer. You will forever RIP. If only i could remember the name of it. I can't even remember the name of my once favorite song. How sad. (Although it wouldn't mater anyway unless i got into contact with someone else who had downloaded it) I was hoping to find the song here on NG again after my computer crashed. But alas, no dice. 

Captain Galactic - Mischief Walks Among Us - (Not a song from newgrounds, but from a friend and i can't seem to find it online anymore. The copy I have is low quality however.)

357431__Baf__Industrial_Acid__Head -  @Bafana

Might reupload the ones i still have to


Invested into bitcoin

2015-07-21 02:37:02 by poinl

Bought half a coin at $290. It's about $280 now but rising. Gonna buy low sell high. Anyone else invest?

(not just BC) - My referral if you are interested. :D