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Enemies spawn on top of me and my healthbar clips below the planets.

I find my self spending all my money on hearts and making no progress. The overall feel and atmosphere of this game is really nice, but certain design choices make it a little frustrating to play.

I don't know what happened but i can't get the sound to work anymore. Just thought i'd let you know. It worked a few weeks ago.

Oultrox responds:

Recent google chrome update seems to broke that, I have to upload a new version... thanks for letting me know!

The lack of a variable jump really kills this game imho. It's not very hard to incorporate code wise either. Although level design would have to change. Everything in terms of show is done really well. I.e music juicyness etc.

Terrible. 2/10 for the effort into the design and responsiveness.
Nothing unique.
Nothing interesting.
Nothing challenging.
Nothing funny.
Not even entertaining.
I feel sorry for you guys, really. The graphical and professional talent of this can be used for so much more. There really is no passion at all here. It's marketing at it's finest. Because making a new hit app is the easiest way to do business and make a quick buck.

i love puzzle platformers, and have made a few myself.
I like how this one progressed, and i definitly love all the art and details. Like how the eyes of the statues follow you and etc. Keep up the good work flonga.

~ poinl

heh, i only got the bonus medals

this is the coolest and neatest thing ever, thx

one thought

replace food with ration to makeit look more professional

one question?

whats up with the ederon music?

Rhete responds:

This is from May 2009 and predates Ederon. The song "Entering the Stronghold" used to be in the audio portal.

http://danman87.newgrounds.com/news/p ost/513161

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